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People write “Wanderlust” in their social media bio after traveling to a couple of countries. That is a little unfair to actual travelers with achievements such as visiting the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, having floating breakfast in Bali, having a private double bed cabin on a first-class flight, eating crepes under the Eiffel Tower, or enjoying the view of Rio from Christ the Redeemer.

Travel badges and patches are tokens of appreciation that travelers view as another feather in their cap. They are a beautiful remembrance of the fantastic landmarks you have been to in your lifetime. Travel badges are provided by many tourist attractions as a souvenir to revive the visit just by looking at them later in life. Many badge making companies, such as, offer a comprehensive collection of travel badges and travel patches for those looking to have their display.

A traveler badge is like a fancy certification for many travelers who earn a badge after visiting specific landmarks. Sometimes the management offers it to them; otherwise, they get it for themselves. However, travel badges and travel patches have multipurpose use.

Let’s have a closer look at why traveler badges and travel patches are essential and their role in travel ventures.

Why are Traveler Badges and Travel Patches Important?

Identification of a Travel Group

One of the wisdom behind introducing uniforms at school is to differentiate which student belongs to which school at a glance. However, adult travelers are a little too old to implement the uniform system. A travel badge is a great alternative offering the same functionality while glorifying the outlook of the travelers.

A group traveling via a private traveling agency is often tagged with badges so that group members, as well as organizers, can identify who is in their group and who is not. The system is also a precautionary measure in case of an emergency to identify a person with the details of the traveling agency quoted on the badge.

Travel badge does a great job of provoking teamwork, offering a hassle-free one-size-fits-all functionality.

Travel Achievements

Visiting the Taj Mahal, trekking the Himalayas, riding the Alaskan cruise, walking across the Great Wall of China, staying in Igloo in Europe and many other crazy travel experiences deserve more than an Instagram story. Instead, travel achievements deserve to be showcased, like decorative paintings and vintage items displayed in the house.

Many travel badges contain a picture of the landmark and its name. Each has a unique design, shape, color, and layout, making them nothing less of a decorative item. The creative idea is to collect enough traveler badges and travel patches that you can place them side by side in framed wall art to go on the wall that is open to visitors’ eyes.

Travel Souvenir Patches

Detail patchwork quilt in market. Bali island, Ubud, Indonesia.
Detail patchwork quilt in market. Bali island, Ubud, Indonesia.

The stamp collection is one the most famous and fun hobbies adopted by people of all ages and genders. Collecting travel souvenir patches is not very different from stamp collection. Travel souvenir patches are often available at tourist attractions and can be found at online stores.

The idea may sound old-fashioned now that the world has advanced. But just like the newspaper has a certain grace even in the presence of hundreds of TV channels, the same is the case with travel patches. They are a classy way to monument some beautiful memories of your life in skillfully crafted patches.

Styling for a Trip

The feeling of truly belonging somewhere is one of a kind. For example, imagine walking in Central Park, New York, with a badge on your chest depicting the aerial view of the park in animated graphics. Not only does it look cool, but it also helps navigate so that you don’t miss any attraction of the fifth largest park in the world.

There is no better time to wear the Santa outfit than Christmas. Similarly, styling for a trip to a landmark wearing the corresponding badges is not just a great addition to your company but a guaranteed way to steal all the limelight.

Defines Accessibility for Every Individual

Most travel attractions and landmarks have an exclusive portion available only to the VIPS or those who pay for it. However, it can be exhausting to identify who has the accessibility to specific activities in a crowded place.

Pass cards are an expensive option when dealing with thousands of visitors daily, and hand bands are likely to tear off in a rush situation. A middle ground to this misery is using travel patches since they are inexpensive to make and can be reused.

Places may have many smaller attractions, e.g., a zoo can have a special SeaWorld and a skeleton of the Great Whale along with the typical animal cages. In such cases, multiple badges are a great idea to open some extra doors for the badge bearers.

Collecting Travel Badges to Win Prizes

Many travel companies and organizations offer prizes based on your collection of travel badges. The award is usually a sponsored local or international trip that you have not yet crossed off your bucket list or a piece of equipment to aid your travel ventures.

Such reward-based promotion is also a great way of appreciating and incentivizing travel lovers. So start collecting traveler badges if you are a true wanderlust and get a chance to win exciting prizes that will give wings to your travel dreams.

Marketing Tourism Spots

Introducing traveler badges and travel patches is a great way to promote a tourist spot. Just like business cards, TV commercials, and street banners attract attention, similarly seeing someone wear a traveler badge ignites curiosity. It often leads to questioning, and the person sharing his unforgettable experience of the place ultimately becomes an addition to the wishlist of another person.

Every tourist attraction and famous landmark must have their badges gifted to their visitors, which they can proudly wear and bring more admirers to the site.

How to Earn More Traveler Badges?

The key to earning more traveler badges is to have more meaningful trips around the world. One must learn to be a good travel planner and have an infinite love for traveling to make that possible.

  1. Here is a stepwise guide on how to earn more traveler badges:
  1. Do one-time research to make a list of 50 places you want to visit?
  1. Start with the most feasible place in terms of distance, finance, and visa.
  1. See if your chosen place has any nearby destination from your list of 50 that you can cover on the same trip.
  1. Find at least three itineraries using informative and tourism websites. Check out the activities each one offers and the reviews of visitors.
  1. Create a spreadsheet to devise a budget. Account for food, accommodation, travel, and activity tickets. Keep 10% of the total funding under the miscellaneous expenses to be on the safe side.
  1. Start by traveling alone to learn from your experience. There will be mishaps, but slowly and gradually, every occasion will prepare you for the next stage. Family travel will require more local transportation, residence, time, and budget planning.
  1. Last but not least, don’t forget to collect travel badges and patches to create a life-long book of travel memories.

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