The New Year 2019 brings with it an opportunity to introduce your loved ones to the wonders of travel. To ensure your family gets an exceptional vocation the following is a list of the top destinations for fun family travel. The spots not only feature plenty of kid-friendly activities but also boasts of a bevvy of adult attractions guaranteed to give you value for money. Check them out;

1. Portugal

This country has everything a typical family needs for a perfect family getaway. It has a rich history and culture, mouthwatering food and attractive scenery. That the nation is devoid of crowd and high-costs that characterise other European capitals mean it is your ultimate travel destination. The city even has several kid-oriented attractions that include the massive oceanarium, full of everything from sunfish to sharks.

2. Iceland

Few other places, if any, provide an opportunity for a fun-filled adventure like this country. The destination allows you to see blue whales right from a schooner and swim in the ice-cold glacier as the continents tear each other apart. You also get a chance to hear the roar of the continent’s largest waterfall. Surprisingly, both of these family-centric attractions are a few hours’ drives, apart. If that does not whet your appetite enough, then probably knowing that Iceland is categorised among the safest nations on the planet will.

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica leads in adventure and eco-tourism as is exemplified by Monteverde area. Over half of the protected area is Children’s Eternal Rainforest, an extensive stretch of rainforest, the Montane evergreen forest as well as cloud forest. Are you a fan of outdoor activities? Costa Rica is ideal for you. It has a multitude of outdoor activities that include camping, hiking, zip lines, horse riding, and canopy tours. Additionally, the various conservancies provide more pristine environments.

4. Guatemala

Relatively unexplored by family travellers this attractive Central America nation is a remarkably friendly place to tour with your family with many things for every member. Consider beginning your tour in the picturesque town of Antigua, a relaxed place for revitalising with a lot (like chocolate-making workshops) to keep the young ones engaged. Find time to pass Lake Atitlan, and Tikal, one of the globe’s most remarkable pre-Columbian sites.

5. Alaska

The 49th state provides the best opportunity to explore natural beauty. As it readies itself to celebrate the 60th anniversary of statehood this year (2019), it is offering new direct flights  starting from Newark all the way to Anchorage. The accessibility of the state is, therefore, high. While most travellers to this destination prefer cruises when exploring it, feel free to try other alternatives. For instance, rent a car and use the highway to drive to the south. Make a stop at Alaska Wildlife Conservancy and let your children see native wildlife like reindeer, bison and brown bears.


Take your family to any of the above destinations and every member will have a magical experience on vacation. From national parks to fun-filled activities for kids to adventure and eco-tourism, rest assured you will have plenty to do. Make stops at various spots, engage in the different charming activities and take photos; both grownups and children will hugely